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Port Dover Lighthouse Pier

Port Dover, Ontario


Our 2020 sailing season has come to the end. Rogue Tiger and her crew would like to thank all passengers for a great season, despite the challenges that were forced upon us. Your excitement

fueled our passion, as we sailed with you and shared in your memories. We look forward to another

great season with you in 2021. We will be having frequent sailor discounts for those faithful Rogue Tiger passengers. Thank you also for your generosity shown to our crew and for your support.

May fair winds always be at your back.

2021 Sailing Season starts June 01, 2021

Rogue Tiger welcomes all past and new passengers to embark on our 2020 sailing season at the Port Dover Pier. Captain Dave and his skilled crew look forward to sailing the warm and beautiful waters of Lake Erie and enjoy the surrounding landscape with amazing sunsets.

Rogue Tiger is a beautiful and classic 1978 Formosa Ketch sailboat. She is lovingly cared for and admired by many. She has appeared in sailing magazines and is a popular site on the Port Dover Pier.


Safety is our priority, therefore, we ask that all passengers be mindful, mobile and able-bodied. We cannot accommodate children under 6 years old.

The price is $25.00 per person. There are no discounts for children or seniors. We accept cash at the time of your sail.

Rogue Tiger Sail Charters will implement Covid 19 precautions. Please bring your mask. Social distancing will be enforced by the crew and Captain.

We would love to share our passion with you. May fair winds always be at your back.